Beausejour Brokenhead Minor Hockey
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Jake Bunty Reid Memorial

We are very thankful to our dedicated workers, coaches and managers for their hard work, but there often seems to be one whose very presence in our arena and whose association with our children has made us feel very fortunate indeed.  One whose sense of humour and kind encouraging words could make our children’s faces light up. One who could make us feel that we were very fortunate indeed just simply to have known him. One such person was Jake “Bunty” Reid.

Jake was known to all as a great lover of the sport of hockey. He enjoyed watching a good game of hockey, but even more important to Bunty was that the young players enjoyed every minute of the game.

One who played with a smile on his face regardless whether he was winning or losing.Bunty was never heard to say anything negative. After losing a game or even after a bad play, Bunty was only heard to play up the positives points. In speaking to one young player, I was told, “I try to block out the angry parents, but I always try to listen for Mr. Reid’s cheering.” How wonderful for our fine athletes if we could fill our sports complexes and stands with fans such as Bunty.It was a great loss to our local children and to us all when we lost Bunty.

This Memorial Trophy is presented to a player in the Major U13 category. It will be presented to the type of player that Bunty always enjoyed watching. One who enjoys playing the game with every member of his team regardless of winning or losing. One who displays sportsmanship on and off the ice. One who plays the game with a smile on his face and one who finishes knowing he has played the best that he can.

Robert Dufault Memorial

The Robert Dufault Memorial Trophy has been presented by the Dufault family since the 1981/82 hockey season to the BBMHA Major U15 Team’s Most Outstanding Player in honor of their son and brother, Robert Dufault who died tragically at the age of 14 years.

Robert Dufault was a proud and skilled member of the hockey community in Beausejour for many years, having the qualities of fine sportsmanship, exceptional skill on the ice and leadership above and beyond his years. 

Most important to Robert during his final year of hockey was friendship and community. Having had the opportunity to play and excel with high level teams out of Winnipeg over the years, Robert chose to remain in the Beausejour area and play with his friends in his final years, having missed playing his favourite game with his friends close by…That was most important to Robert….family, friends and community.

The family of the late Robert Dufault would like to thank all of the players, families, volunteers and community for supporting Minor Hockey in Beausejour. The opportunity for sport in life provides not only health and fitness, but self awareness, striving and reaching beyond what you thought you could do to improve not only yourself but your team, understanding the value of team work, experiencing leadership development and pride in all that you do……All of these things truly make an outstanding member of the community and outstanding player on the ice….

The Most Outstanding Player is chosen each year by the coaching staff of the Major U15 Team keeping in mind the qualities representative of who Robert himself was.

Russell Ross Memorial

Russell Ross, a long time resident of Beausejour had a genuine love for hockey. He was a constant supporter of Minor Hockey and could be found in the rink cheering on and encouraging the young team members who entered the arena. The Ross family donated this trophy in 1986 to commemorate this dedication to minor sport and to symbolize the enjoyment Russell received from the game.

The Russell Ross Memorial Trophy is presented annually to a member of the Beausejour Brokenhead Minor Hockey Association Minor U15 team. The recipient of this award must show a high level of sportsmanship, consistent effort during practices and games, and must be highly team oriented. This player must exemplify a true love of the game of hockey.

Dennis Draward Memorial

Dennis was a lifelong resident of the Beausejour/Brokenhead community where he worked, played and raised his family. In his early years, he played hockey, baseball and curled. Later, he showed his commitment to sport by coaching various hockey teams and participating in the Beausejour Brokenhead Minor Hockey Association in a number of capacities including representing the association at various league meetings throughout the area. He not only was involved in volunteering for BBMHA but was instrumental in the construction of the Sun Gro Centre and its subsequent operation. He also volunteered for the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships and for special community sporting events that were held in the area from time to time.

Dennis developed and implemented the BBMHA’s user pay system, which was adopted by other communities. He also advocated the fairness of try-outs for the selection of players which is now common practice. He worked as a liaison between Sun Gro Centre and the BBMHA and was often approached for his knowledgeable advice regarding matters of sports administration and operation. In recognition of his valuable contribution to the BBMHA, Dennis was presented with the Brokenhead River Certificate of Volunteer Recognition Award for 2005.

As many of you know, volunteering can take you away from your home and family for many weekend hours and evenings. Dennis carried out his volunteer duties with humor, knowledge and sense of fairness. As a coach and as a father, he always emphasized to them to HAVE FUN. It is hoped, that with this award, Dennis’ spirit and dedication to community, youth and sport through his volunteer service will be remembered and will inspire other individuals to do their best and to have fun while serving their community.

The Dennis Draward Memorial Award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies the commitment to volunteerism of Dennis Draward, who died in 2011 at the age of 50.

Donald Mazur Annual

Recognising team leadership, sportsmanship, work ethic and a true dedication to the game of hockey


Player must be in good standing with BBMHA.


Must display leadership, sportsmanship and dedication throughout the entire year.


Must be registered with BBMHA at the conclusion of the selection year.


Award is accompanied by a take home plaque and a $250.00 BBMHA cash bursary.


Presented at the annual BBMHA awards Banquet.

Open to all graduating U18 aged players who reside in the area and have played their last year of U18 hockey with BBMHA/ESS Barons.