Beausejour Brokenhead Minor Hockey
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2023 Blades Pre-Season Prep

As part of the new requirements from Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba to ensure all players have a level playing field during evaluations, we are continuing with our 4-session pre-evaluation camps for U9, U11 and U13 players as part of the development pathway for skill development. This gives all players the opportunity to get back on the ice in a player-friendly scenario. A player's first experience back on the ice in the new season should not be a formal evaluation. These 4 sessions will be 1 hour on-ice sessions. The understanding is that we are offering this program to U9, U11 and U13 BBMHA registered players who would participate in these 4 sessions prior to evaluations. These sessions are optional to attend and the costs for the sessions is included in registration fees. All ice times are at Sungro Centre in Beausejour.

U9 (All skaters)

September 5 2023 5:30pm
September 7 2023 5:30pm
September 11 2023 5:15pm
September 14 2023 4:30pm

U11 (Two Groups)

Group 1
September 6 2023 5:30pm
September 8 2023 6:45pm
September 12 2023 5:30pm
September 14 2023 5:45pm
Group 2
September 6 2023 6:45pm
September 8 2023 5:30pm
September 13 2023 5:15pm
September 15 2023 5:45pm

U13 (Two Groups)

Group 1
September 6 2023 8:00pm
September 11 2023 6:30pm
September 18 2023 5:15pm
September 20 2023 6:30pm
Group 2
September 8 2023 8:00pm
September 13 2023 6:30pm
September 18 2023 6:30pm
September 20 2023 5:15pm

Fall U15 Checking Clinic

September 23 2023 11:00am
September 24 2023 9:45am

The fall checking clinic is open to BBMHA U15 registered players. If space allows, we will open registration to neighboring associations at a later date.